Tesla Powerwall

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Looking to make your solar energy system even more energy-efficient? A battery backup system is a great way to do so. Battery backup systems allow you to save more of the energy your solar energy system produces and then use it again later to keep your lights on at night, in an emergency, or during low-production hours. While there may be many different makes and models of battery backup systems on the market, none matches the popularity, functionality, convenience, or aesthetic beauty of Tesla Powerwall. Here at SunPower by Sea Bright Solar, we’re proud to be a certified installer for Tesla Powerwall home energy storage solutions.


Whether you’re looking to improve your already-existing solar energy system or you’re looking to convert your home to clean, dependable solar energy, SunPower by Sea Bright Solar is the name you can turn to for quality. Our staff of highly trained solar experts can help you design the perfect, completely customized solar energy system, including a dependable solar energy storage solution that improves your energy efficiency and lets you enjoy more of the energy your system produces. When it comes to energy storage, we’ve always sought to bring you the best, and we do so by incorporating Tesla Powerwall. With an intuitive user interface, intelligent control algorithms, and proven results, Tesla Powerwall’s controllers have been lauded as some of the best you’ll find with any storage system. Our installers make sure that your Tesla Powerwall system works seamlessly with your SunPower solar energy system for a combined experience that’s simply unmatched anywhere else.

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Why Choose Tesla Powerwall?

Tesla Powerwall has quickly established itself as one of the leaders in home energy storage. With their exceptional capacity, industry-leading durability, and seamless operation, Tesla Powerwall makes it easy to keep your lights on and energy flowing without turning to the expensive and often-unclean public power grid. These smart battery systems collect and store excess energy that your solar energy system produces but you don’t use right away. Instead, this allows you to save it for when you need it later on in the day. With an appropriately-sized Tesla Powerwall energy storage system and an efficient solar energy system from SunPower, you may even be able to keep yourself free from grid power 24/7!

Tesla Powerwall can even help with all of the following:undefined

  • Powering larger appliances during evening hours using solar energy
  • Charging electric vehicles, including popular Tesla models
  • Powering your air conditioning and heating equipment at all hours of the day
  • Keeping your home powered during an outage

Tesla Powerwall offers superior capacity and performance in a small, convenient package that blends in seamlessly nearly anywhere. Constructed from durable, proven materials, Powerwall can be installed either indoors or out as well as on a wall or on the floor. Whether it’s in your garage, in a study, or in your backyard, Powerwall can be installed nearly anywhere.

Emergency Power with Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall’s technology allows it to continue to power your home even when the power grid goes down. By combining your solar energy system with Powerwall energy storage, you could keep your home completely powered and operating as normal for even up to a week at a time. Combining clean solar energy with two Tesla Powerwalls, a 2,000 square foot home could receive up to seven days of continuous clean energy even with the electrical grid being down!

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