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California Commercial Solar Panel Installation Services

Falling costs, generous grants, and tax incentives have placed many industries in a great position to take advantage of solar energy. Commercial businesses, agricultural operations, manufacturing industries, medical facilities, government departments and educational spaces can reduce emissions, improve fuel economy and save on electricity costs simply by installing solar panels.

If you’re curious about how SunPower by Sea Bright Solar can help, here are a few ways you may benefit from solar energy.

Solar for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies generally use a substantial amount of electricity, which makes them a great candidate for solar energy. In addition, manufacturers typically operate in large buildings with a lot of available roof space—perfect for a solar energy system. Solar energy can save a manufacturer thousands of dollars over time on electricity costs and provide protection against energy price increases, making a manufacturer more competitive.

Solar Panels for Agricultural Entities

Agricultural operations, such as poultry and dairy farms, also use a lot of electricity and typically have lots of available roof space with direct sunlight. Roof mounted solar panels would allow a business to switch from electricity generated by the utility company to clean electricity generated on site. Tax incentives, such as the 30% federal tax credit, and generous grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, make solar energy a great business decision.

Commercial Building Solar Installation

A commercial business, such as an office building or retail store, can see similar returns on investment as a manufacturer or farmer. Also, if you are in a rural area, you may be eligible for grants from USDA.

Why Go Solar in California?

At Sea Bright Solar, we want you to thoroughly understand the benefits of installing solar panels. We can break down how going solar lowers your carbon emissions and reduces your dependence on fossil fuels, while also going into detail about how you can reduce or potentially eliminate your electric bill and enjoy long-term financial savings.

If you’re ready to make the change, contact our California commercial solar panel experts at (909) 480-3783 today.