Benefits of Switching to Solar in CA

Why is California a Great State for Solar?

It should come as little surprise that California has long been seen as one of the pioneers and industry leading-states when it comes to solar energy. Not only does our state continually rank at or near the top in terms of the number of solar panel installations completed every year, but we also produce the most energy from solar sources out of every state in the country.

This is largely due to a number of circumstances that make California the ideal place to make the investment in solar panels. Let’s take a look at a few of these circumstances and explain why they’re beneficial to solar investment.

1) Sunny Weather Means Maximum Energy

Solar power can only be generated when panels can collect solar energy, and solar energy is collected most effectively when the panels can be placed in a location that receives a lot of continuous, bright sunlight for many hours per day. California’s climate sees well over 300 days of sunlight on a typical year, which means most solar panel installations that are set up properly will generate close to their maximum amount of energy all year round.

2) Great Payoff When It Comes to Energy Costs

Anyone who lives here in California can tell you just how steep our cost of living is. Our energy costs are also among the highest in the nation, which is great because that means your payoff period for purchasing a solar panel system will be even shorter and you’ll start seeing a return on your investment several years before people in other states will for the same system.

3) Net Metering Results in Money Saved

California lawmakers renewed net metering legislation in early 2016, which essentially states that panel system owners may sell their unused energy back to the municipal grid at the same rates they purchase it for. Not only does this lead to dramatically reduced energy bills at the end of every month, but it might even allow you to build up a credit, which will reduce your bills the next month as well. Those who carry a credit at the end of the year actually receive a refund check, further decreasing costs!

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How Residential Solar Panels Can Benefit You

  • Solar panels are good for the environment - Solar energy is clean energy, and with top-line solar products available to you through SunPower by Sea Bright Solar, you can initiate change for future generations. Two of the most prominent environmental benefits are decreased dependence on fossil fuels and a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Solar power saves money - Solar power can reduce (or eliminate) your electric bill. Additionally, with solar panels, you don't have to wait for savings to start. Solar panels begin saving energy immediately.
  • Solar power is an investment in your home - Solar panels are great for your utility bill, but the financial benefits extend further than monthly savings; they add significant value to your home and property.
  • Solar power is a secure investment choice - Unlike your electric bill, solar power is a secure investment. Utility companies are known for their unpredictable prices, whereas solar power continues to grow in popularity.
  • Solar panels are built to last - At SunPower by Sea Bright Solar, our solar panels come with a 25-year tiered manufacturer's warranty. Additionally, solar racks, inverters, and installations come with 10-year warranties. This means your solar panels can help you save money and benefit the environment for many years - in addition to your immediate savings.

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Make the Change With Sea Bright

Today, solar panels are more available to California homeowners than ever before. When you work with SunPower by Sea Bright Solar, you can rest assured qualified professionals will help you through every stage of the buying and installation process. Additionally, we offer financing options to fit almost any budget and we can work with you to uncover how much you could save with federal tax credits and other incentives.

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