'Game of Thrones' Sends Warning About Drastic State of Climate Change


Regardless of your opinion on the final season, HBO’s popular television series Game of Thrones will go down as one of the biggest and most successful television events in the history of the medium. With the show coming to an end recently, we’re left with the ability to look back across the fantastic story involving detailed characters, larger-than-life beasts, and a thrill ride of intertwining stories, suspense, and political intrigue.

However, one thing has remained remarkably constant pretty much throughout the series: the show has sent a distinct and unyielding warning about the threat of climate change that we face in our very real and modern daily lives. Indeed the creator of the series and author of the book series it’s based upon, George R. R. Martin, has acknowledged the parallel between his series and real-world climate change, including how this threat to our own lives is being dealt with by leaders who seem interested in doing no more than paying general lip service to the problem.

Perhaps the most obvious and distinct metaphor for the effect of climate change comes in the form of the Night King and the White Walkers. Despite the warnings from Jon Snow and other characters in the series who have witnessed the horrific destruction that this force of zombie-like creatures brings, the political leaders of the Seven Kingdoms more or less ignore the problem. Instead, they’re all vying for power and influence in their own right while remaining more or less disinterested and pay nothing more than lip service to the issue. Sounds an awful lot like our own leaders from around the world and their generally unconcerned attitudes, does it not?

Despite scientific evidence supporting the existence and scope of climate change on our planet, few leaders have actually taken steps towards combatting the issue and a greener future, particularly in the developed world. In fact, the top 20 carbon-emitting countries on the globe create an incredible 75 percent of all emissions, and the amount of carbon emissions is showing few signs of slowing down.

Combatting Climate Change in Your Life

While the problem of global climate change is still a threat, there are signs of action and things you can do to try and counteract the problem. States across the country, including California, have taken steps towards energy independence and getting rid of carbon-producing fossil fuels with aggressive renewable energy portfolios. Modern technology has also made carbon-free or reduced-carbon lifestyles more possible than ever. Electric cars have come down in cost so much to the point where they’re now competitive with their gas-burning counterparts and even enjoy other benefits in the long term.

However, perhaps the most effective way of cutting down on your carbon emissions is to invest in switching your home over to clean, renewable solar energy. Solar harnesses the power of the sun, capturing energy which would otherwise be absorbed by the earth an instead converting it to useable electricity. Those who invest in solar reduce their own dependence on electricity from carbon-emitting fossil fuel generation plants reducing the need for them and lessening the burden on the public grid. In time, and with enough people working together to tackle the problem, fossil-fuel plants can shut down and our entire community could be powered by renewable sources!

Additionally, solar is now a more viable investment than ever before. Thanks to local and state incentives for renewable energy programs, there are all sorts of bonuses and perks to switching to solar. Plus, the federal solar investment tax credit, which is still in full capacity through the end of this year, allows you to claim up to 30 percent of your solar energy system’s cost as a credit on your taxes—with no maximum!

Learn more about how you can counter the impact of climate change and save on your energy bills by contacting the Southern California solar experts from SunPower by Sea Bright Solar at (909) 480-3783 today!

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