Hosting a Solar Power Party

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SunPower by Sea Bright Solar in California wants to give you a great chance to collect an outstanding $500 referral bonus whenever one of your friends, family members, or coworkers sign-up for a SunPower solar panel system of their own home or business! This is in addition to any other incentives and tax credits you are set to receive. To make it simple and fun to tell everyone you know about our residential and commercial solar panels, you might want to host a Solar Power Party!

What is a Solar Power Party?

The specifications of your Solar Power Party in California depend mostly on what you would like to see at the party. SunPower by Sea Bright Solar assists you by scheduling an insightful and courteous Energy Consultant to attend and answer the questions of your guests. While you focus on having fun and being a happy host, our Energy Consultant takes care of the technicalities of solar panel systems that your guests will probably want to know about.

Your Solar Power Party would not be complete without:

  • Date: The first thing to consider is when your Solar Power Party will be hosted. You can choose the time and date to your liking, but should probably try to host it when you think the most guests can show up. Once you pick your time, let us know and we will see about getting an Energy Consultant on schedule to be there before the event begins. If there is a scheduling conflict – which should be unlikely due to our flexibility – we will let you know ahead of time.
  • Location: Homes, offices, public parks, restaurant private rooms, and more can all be the perfect place to host your Solar Power Party. If you are having trouble figuring out where you would like to bring your guests, please feel free to talk to us for ideas.
  • Guests: You may want to only invite a handful of people you suspect will be highly interested in installing a solar panel system through SunPower by Sea Bright Solar in California. Or, you may want to send out a social media invite to everyone you know. Our Energy Consultants can come up with presentations for any-sized crowd.
  • Refreshments: Do not forget the food and drink for your Solar Power Party! Your guests will be more comfortable and more likely to be invested in the event if there are refreshments. No time on your hands to organize platters and bars? No problem, your Energy Consultant will bring all the refreshments just provide the number of folks attending and they will bring the appropriate amount of yummies for your party or solar social!
  • Bonuses: The $500 referral bonus for every Solar Power Party guest who goes solar with SunPower by Sea Bright Solar in California is simply too good to pass up. Just make certain everyone at your event knows to mention your name and your party when signing up for a new solar panel system.

Call SunPower by Sea Bright Solar in California at (909) 480-3783 for more information about hosting a Solar Power Party and referral bonuses.