• How Much Does Solar Cost?

    The cost depends on annual energy usage, the size of the home, available installation space, sun exposure, and efficiency of the panels.

  • How Does the Process Begin

    Our design consultant will conduct a free energy analysis of your home, and design the perfect system to meet your specific energy goals.

  • How Much Will I Save?

    After going solar, many customers have reported savings of up to 30-60%. With long-term savings, the system quickly pays for itself.

  • Is Maintenance Needed?

    With very few moving parts, the systems require minimal maintenance. To ensure efficiency, cleaning is recommended every 6 months.


Solar Company in Southern California

Choose Solar Now & Live Better for Decades to Come

At SunPower by Sea Bright Solar, we believe in providing families and businesses throughout CA with the means to a cleaner, more affordable future. Through our innovative solar panel installations, we have helped California residents cut down their energy costs by up to 30-60%.

High-Quality Solar Panels

Partner with our solar installation experts, and you will quickly see that your system has paid for itself. Whether you are seeking installation for your home or business, our solar systems are strategically designed and carefully crafted to fit your property and withstand all weather. Our solar panels are designed to run problem-free for more than 30 years because our company understands the importance of using top-notch material and equipment for your solar panel installation. We proudly serve all of Southern CA!

From saving money to saving the environment, switching to solar is the smart choice.

Best Solar Companies in Southern California

We take pride in being amongst the best solar companies in Southern California. We handle every aspect of your job, from the initial sale to solar panel installation and maintenance. We also process all of the required rebates, permits, solar tax credit incentives, and inspection paperwork. Your only responsibility will be to indulge in the clean energy your new system will generate for your family for years to come. With incredible, long-lasting benefits, the decision to go solar is simple.

“Our mission is to enable you to produce your own clean, safe, and cost-effective energy with solar power.”

"More Than Happy!"

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Considering Making the Switch to Solar?

If you are ready to learn more about making the switch to solar, call (909) 480-3783 for a free analysis with our solar experts!

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Tesla Powerwall in Southern California

A solar energy system can provide you with clean, renewable energy for all your day-to-day needs, but it often has a flaw. For most homeowners, panels produce at their peak when you aren’t home to enjoy it. That means without a battery backup system, you’ll send a ton of energy to the grid and won’t be able to enjoy it when you need it. Conversely, when you do need it, you’ll have to draw from the grid, often at elevated costs.

Rather than stressing about how much energy you aren’t able to use, why not keep it for when you need it? At SunPower by Sea Bright Solar, we make it possible with Tesla Powerwall, one of the most recognizable and popular energy storage systems available on the market today. As one of the best solar companies in Southern California, you can trust us to provide you with the latest in the solar world.

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  • Significantly decrease your energy costs

    With the long-term financial savings you will experience after investing, your system will pay for itself in a short amount of time.

  • Lower your dependence on fossil fuels

    Going solar will reduce your dependence on fossil fuels and lay the groundwork for cleaner energy for generations to come.

  • Problem-free solar systems for 30+ years

    Made with the highest quality materials and requiring minimal ongoing maintenance, our systems are built to last for decades.

  • Zero-down financing & free solar analysis

    When you go solar, you can take advantage of zero down financing, customizable monthly payments, and significant savings.

  • Finest, most reliable solar systems available

    We partner with the best companies in the solar industry to produce the most efficient and reliable systems available.

See Your Home With Solar

Sea Bright Solar has all of the tools you need to make the best decision for your family.

Take Advantage of our Sunpower® Design Studio

Switch to solar and begin saving money and the planet! Call us today at (909) 480-3783 or fill out the form to schedule your free solar analysis.
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Providing Exceptional Customer Care

We are committed to promoting a safer planet and cleaner environment for families and businesses in our area. Our customers can rest-easy knowing we will use only the finest solar products for their homes or businesses, because we believe in delivering nothing less than the best.

What Customers Say
  • "I interviewed seven companies! Hands down, the best one-on-one for your solar needs comes from Brian Kelly, the owner of Sea Bright Solar. I now have three houses with solar. I can’t say enough about his crew..."

    Peter P.

  • "Having my solar system installed by Sea Bright Solar was an excellent experience. Have recommended Sea Bright Solar to all I know. They made it so easy, and follow-up is great."

    Arthur K.

  • "The whole experience was stress-free and pleasant."

    Esther P.

Demand Better Solar™

You deserve a better solar company! When you choose to go solar, you are not only taking action to cut down your energy and electrical costs; you are also choosing to help protect the planet. By taking energy from the sun and using it as your home or business’s energy source, you can lower your carbon emissions, reduce your fossil fuel dependence, and significantly decrease your carbon footprint. Use the fuels that damage our land to enjoy energy that is cleaner and safer, and immediately experience the relief caused by a reduction in your energy costs.

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