Solar FAQ

Q&A With California Solar Panel Installation Professionals

Making the switch to solar can be one the most rewarding decisions you make. Although going green is a great investment that offers an array of benefits for property owners and the planet, there is a lot to learn. At Sea Bright Solar, we take the time to educate customers about solar power, our services and products, and why solar energy is the right choice.

Below are some of the most common questions we hear from customers:

What are solar panels?

Solar cells, or photovoltaic (PV) cells, work by converting sunlight into electricity. Each cell is made of high quality silicon specially treated to generate electricity flow whenever it is exposed to light. Solar panels are made from many solar cells wired together. The SunPower panels we use generate up to 50 percent more power than standard industry panels!

Why should I go solar?

By going solar, you can meet up to 100% of your home's electricity needs, virtually eliminating your electric bill. You can reduce your carbon footprint and dependence on harmful sources of energy that hurt our planet. You can also take advantage of federal, state, and local tax incentives, and protect yourself against utility rate hikes. Homes with solar panels also typically have a higher resale value.

How long will my solar system last?

Because we are committed to using only high-quality materials that last, we are a SunPower Premier Dealer. SunPower solar panels have a 25 year power output warranty, which is the best in the industry, and a 10 year warranty on solar racks and inverters. Our team at Sea Bright Solar also offers a 10 year warranty on installation.

Do solar panels require maintenance?

SunPower solar panels have no moving parts, which allows the solar system to be nearly maintenance-free during its lifetime. An occasional cleaning can help ensure optimal performance.

How long does it take to complete an installation?

Our team is focused on helping customers make the solar switch as successfully and swiftly as possible. Typically, the installation process takes only a couple days, and will not inconvenience property owners or disrupt business for commercial customers. In cases where tax breaks or permitting are required, the timeline may be extended. Our professionals are skilled in expediting the process as much as possible.

How much does solar cost?

The cost of a solar system will vary from project to project. Our team is up-front and clear about all costs associated with our solar systems and installation, and we also help customers find relevant information about state and federal incentives or tax breaks that can help save them money. Additionally, we offer free consultations, zero-down options, and financing and purchasing options for qualified customers. We can also explain how the cost-savings of solar energy can pay off in the long-term!

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